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If I return the Pocket WiFi early, can I get a refund?

We're sorry, but our  Terms of Use(Article 15,Usage fees, etc.) does not provide refunds for early returns of Pocket WiFi. This policy is in place to maintain a reliable rental schedule and ensure availability for all our customers.
When you order a Pocket WiFi, it is reserved for you for the entire duration specified in your order. This practice helps us prevent overbooking and optimizes our inventory management and availability planning.
If customers were able to initially rent for a longer duration, return the device early without prior notice, and receive a refund for the unused days, it would disrupt our scheduling and inventory management. Additionally, it wouldn't realistically give us an opportunity to re-rent the returned device to another customer within that timeframe.
Similar to many other rental services, such as car rentals, where a product is reserved exclusively for you for the entire rental period, we have established refund policies. These policies help us maximize the use of our inventory and avoid overbooking. Specifying a rental period upfront is crucial for us to maintain efficient inventory management and provide reliable service. We appreciate your understanding.